Today, I decided it was about time I invite people to watch me grow throughout my training and various competitive experiences.

As you probably all know, summer is the peak of the season for white water slalom canoe kayak. Every athlete trains their hardest all year round, to ensure they can make the national team, then compete at world cups and world championships (or in some cases like next year, the summer Olympics games).

As I am starting this blog fairly late in the season I wanted to give you a little overview of what competitions I’ve already completed this summer.

Valleyfield QC
It all begins with Canadian National Team Trials. This race is one of the most important races of the year and took place on June 11th-12th, in Valleyfield, Quebec. I say it’s one of the most important races of the year because, these four races will determine what every athlete will do for the rest of the summer. Sadly there are only three spots for each category (K1M, K1W, C1M, C1W, C2M) therefore not everyone gets the privilege of being on the Canadian national team. I raced well enough to win three out of the four races in my category (C1W) which made me the first boat in C1W for the Canadian team. Behind me were my team mates, Haley Daniels (2nd) and Sindy Audet (3rd).

Once making team, the Canadian team members have the privilege to compete in the World Cups (1-4), World Championships and the Olympic Testing Event this year. So far, three of the four world cups have already passed and sadly I am not eligible to compete at the London Olympic testing event because C1W is not yet an Olympic discipline.


June 24th-26th was my first time competing at a world cup. Unfortunately I was sick throughout most of my journey in Europe but I tried to make do. It was my first time in Tacen and I had mixed emotions about this big intimidating artificial course. Nonetheless, it was exciting to compete along many other world-class athletes. Overall, I really enjoyed my first experience and in the finals race I ended up with an 8th place finish.

July 1st-3rd was my second world cup. Argentière was a beautiful natural course situated in the midst of enormous mountains. This course was a bit more flat compared to Tacen. I ended up with a 13th place finish.


July 8th-10th was my third world cup. I was starting to get the hang of it now. This was by far my favorite course among the first three world cups. Unfortunately, my results didn’t show that though, I didn’t end up pulling it together and finished 17th in the semi finals race. I cannot wait to visit this course again!

After the third world cup, I returned to Canada to train and I am happy to say I am no longer sick. July 31st I will be leaving for Chilliwack BC. Canadian national championships will be held on August 6th-7th on the Chilliwack.


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