Training August 1st-4th & Racing 4th-7th of August 2011

On July 31st I flew onto my next adventure in beautiful British Colombia for our 2011 National Championships. We were lucky enough to have great warm weather and a surprisingly high water flow (which is quite unusual during the midst of a hot summer). The high water made this Nationals one of the most interesting and challenging Nationals that many competitors had encountered in a while. The river we raced on is a natural course fed by glacier water. It is quite large and has great surf waves all throughout the river, a few nice holes and not too many eddies. Not having a lot of experience on natural river flows, I enjoyed gaining experience; however I found it very challenging at times to apply certain techniques I used on artificial courses, on this natural one. At this race I failed to transfer my Junior National Champion title to a senior one. Here I resulted in 3rd place, behind team mates Aliesha Greve (2nd) and Sindy Audet (1st). I however got the joy of leaving with the Senior National Downriver Sprint Champion title. I will be back next year to try and receive the title of Senior National Champion. We’ll see!

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this weekend possible!


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