Lately my studies at university have been overwhelming, but not enough to keep me away from going to the fall and winter training camps. Our first training camp occurred October 19th to November 1st. It was a great training camp to escape the cold and to paddle a nice big artificial course. For the weekend of Halloween, while many others were celebrating, we were in training mode. We did however, have the joy of paddling in red water for Halloween!

I have just returned from our second training camp in Charlotte where we paddled from the 16th to the 28th of November. We’ve been driving down here lots in order to prepare athletes for the Olympic selections and the Canadian Team Trials coming up in April 2012.

So far, training on this big course these past two months has been very profitable for me. I’ve improved a lot since last year on this course, and even since the last training camp that had just happened previously. On the second camp, we competed at a recreational race for American Thanksgiving. We did however; take this race very seriously because we wanted to take this opportunity to simulate spring team trials. In this race I finished 1st place. It was definitely a nice feeling, even though I know I could have pushed myself even harder. Unfortunately, this will be the last training camp we’ll have till April team trials. If all goes well I hope to be able to seek warmer weather to continue training on the water.


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