2012 CANADIAN NATIONAL TEAM TRIALS in Charlotte North Carolina USA

I left for Charlotte on March 2nd to get as much training on the white water course as possible. Having no coach at the beginning of the camp, I trained with a good group of paddlers: Kathleen Tayler, Michael Tayler and Tyler Hinton. The hard training paid off, congratulations to Michael Tayler for qualifying to the London Olympic Games! I also qualified my spot on the 2012 Canadian “A” Team for C1W. It was a crazy weekend of racing, luckily I was surrounded by good friends and family supporting me, especially my mother who couldn’t have done a better job in encouraging me down the course.

I have now earned the opportunity to compete at World Cup 1 to 5 this summer and also Under 23 World Championships in Wausau, Wisconsin, USA. It is a great relief to know I’m part of the team once again; however the work has just began. Now that I’ve made team I hope to be able to bring great results for Canada on the international circuit this summer. So far I plan on attending World Cup 2 in Pau, France, World Cup 3 in La Seu de Urgell, Spain and Under 23 Championships. Depending on funding, I might or might not attend World Cup 4 & 5 in Prague and Bratislava in August. I am currently training in Pau, France to prepare for the upcoming summer competitions and especially World Cup 2 in mid July on the Pau whitewater course. More updates to come on my training in Pau, France!


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