Training in Pau has been great. The weather has been warm and sunny most of the time and the French kayaking community have been very humble and generous. Since April 21st I’ve been training here to prepare for the up-coming World Cup on June 15th to 17th.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to train amongst the best French paddlers during some of their exclusive water times for the French team.  It was impressive to see how well the French seemed to function. They are definitely among the best nations for these reasons and most certainly their hard work, and the immense depth of paddlers they have all over France.

Thanks to my parents, I received a new Supremo II by Vajda. Coming from paddling a Lady Lizard in the past, it took me a few hours on the water to get use to this new boat. However, once I got use to it, I started to love everything about it. I designed it with the colors red and white to proudly represent our Canadian colors.

New boat

The course here is awesome. It’s pretty cool to be paddling on three time World Champion and two time Olympic gold medalist Tony Estanguet’s home course.


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