So that wraps up Under 23 World Championships. Qualified 8th boat in the qualifiers, 8th in the semis, and finished 7th in the final. In my final I felt really good and improved a lot of moves down the course, however three big mistakes slowed me down and put me in 7th place. I know my mistakes and I got to see some of my weaknesses where I could use more work.

Overall this was a great experience! Team Canada had a great dynamic the whole trip and I really enjoyed having so many coaches supporting us and helping us grow as athletes and as people. It was especially great to see how talented the younger generation of international paddlers are. Seeing these great performances has shown me that the future is bright for canoe slalom as well as the women’s single canoe category.

Now I’m off to paddle some fun local club races at the Madawaska river and the Gull river in Minden. It should be fun to see all the young emerging canadian paddlers! There should also be some international paddlers coming up to visit Canada’s beautiful rivers. Hopefully we’ll be able to impress them!


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