Back to Traning – October

Paddling, biking, running has restarted!
After some good rest to recuperate after a full season of training and competing, it was time to get back to work.
Since the Pumphouse was closed due to construction, we paddled lots of flat water slalom gates in our slalom boats. During the weekends we tried going to Valleyfield QC to get the opportunity to paddle whitewater once in a while. Soon after, our coach Michal decided we should all begin flat water sprint training. The Rideau Canoe Club was nice enough to invite us to train at there club house and use there equipment. Every morning, Emmet or Emily, flat water sprint athletes, would wake up early to coach us. For most of us slalom paddlers, especially the girls, it was our first time getting into a sprint boat. I’m not gonna lie, it’s harder then it looks! There was definitely a few swims on the first try outs. We quickly got the hang of it and started doing more challenging work outs. Our technique was improving slowly but surely. Nevertheless, a lot of improvement is still needed. I personally really enjoyed paddling a different boat. Not only was I changing boats, I also changed disciplines to K1. I liked experiencing the different challenges of a K1 and I surprised myself with my testing results. Sadly, K1 sprint has come to an end because of cold weather and all the water has been drained.

I have just arrived in France now. For the next two months I’m planning on continuing my training in Epinal.  Here, there is a good training site where I can paddle anytime on whitewater. Perfect timing, since the whitewater is shut down and also the Rideau Canoe Club now. More updates to come!


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