Chamonix & Canadian rivers – September

Coming home from a busy season of international and national competitions really took a toll on the team’s energy so before restarting training again we took a couple weeks off of training to relax and enjoy other activities.

I spent some time in Chamonix, France right after the final World Cup before flying back to Canada. Gauthier Klauss (Team France C2) and his family showed me some beautiful French nature in the Alps. There, I did lots of tourism, hiking and relaxing. A lot of the mornings I went running in the mountains. I even got the chance to go into a glacier called La Mer de Glace (The Ice sea).

After a week in Chamonix, I came back to Canada and started studying again. I spent some quality time with my family and paddling in all types of different boats. It was my turn to show Gauthier some Canadian culture, so I decided to show him how to open canoe in some of our rivers. He was amazed of how much you could accomplish in an open canoe. Paddling OC2, we even jumped a few little drops and succeeded. For the first time we even paddled plastic creek C1s. This was a huge change from our usual carbon fiber boats. They were slower, rounder, shorter and heavier but they were a blast! For once, we didn’t have to worry about being delicate with our boats. We could jump off rocks and not have to worry one bit. It was a great time!


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