Summer Begins – Road Trip & Training Camp in Charlotte NC & Dickerson MD!

University is now over till next year and summer can officially begin!

Right after exams, Kathleen Tayler (K1W), Thea Froehlich (K1W), Liam Smedley (C1M) and I met up with our coach Michal Staniszewski and drove sixteen hours straight to Charlotte NC!

Along with team, we met up with veteran and positive ball of energy, John Hastings (K1M). We went back to train at one of our favorite spots, the USNWC (United-States National Whitewater Center). Most days we were able to do two quality sessions on the whitewater as well keep up our routine in the gym and other dry land and flat water conditioning. It was nice to be in a small group of motivated training partners.

Due to our kind hearts and attractive personalities we have made some great friends down here in North Carolina, who were kind enough to have us stay at their homes. Special thanks to Tad Dennis and Lisa for lodging Little Li and T. Fro. Furthermore, SHOUT OUT TO JOEL AND GINA for housing the rest of us. You guys are the best!

Anyways, after a long winter with a lot of time spent off of the whitewater, the time I spent on the water was challenging both mentally and physically, but I was glad to have improved my strength and confidence on the water by the end of our 10 day camp.

During our recovery time, we cooked some amazing meals. Some highlights were vegetarian curry, homemade lasagna with salad and garlic bread and some great BBQ dinners, one of them hosted by John and his awesome girlfriend Ros at their sweet lakeside cottage.

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Now we are in Dickerson MD, training at one of my favorite North-American courses for a few days and preparing for a race that will be held here this weekend! Yesterday we had 6AM departure from CLT and drove eight hours north to DC. The Dickerson whitewater course is also a challenging one, but is less intimidating than the one in Charlotte. They’re both very different and fun in their own ways! In the afternoon we had our first session on the water and we met up with two other Canadians, Cameron Smedley (C1M) and Ben Hayward (K1M). Also, other junior and cadet paddlers came down from Ottawa to DC for a few days to train and compete this weekend! #HypeSquad

The junior and cadet ORR (Ottawa River Runners) members excited to paddle here in Dickerson.

The junior and cadet ORR (Ottawa River Runners) members excited to paddle here in Dickerson.

So far I have had a great time paddling here and have enjoyed helping some of our younger Canadian paddlers experience paddling on this artificial course for the very first time. They are impressive!

With only two more days until the Dickerson Elite Slalom Race, I’m itching to be on the start line again. This will be a great warm up race before our National Team Selections that are being held in Minden, Ontario later this month. More about that later!


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