RECAP: Racing at 2013 Pre Worlds Test Event and USA Team Trials

This past weekend, the ICF Pre Worlds Test Event in Deep Creek USA was very successful. Overall it was great weekend with three days of racing, lots of competitive paddlers on a great whitewater course – I mean what more can you ask for?

As said before, it was a super fun course with interesting features. I have to say, one of the major difficulties on this whitewater course would have to be the inconsistency of the water which really challenge the paddlers abilities (and luck too haha).

The course designs were challenging but nonetheless very fun. Unfortunately, a few costly mistakes did keep me from claiming a first place finish for the ICF Test Event and I had to settle for third place. Despite these mistakes, I’m still very happy to have been on the start line and enjoyed competing on this course!  I felt good on the water.

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For those of who did not understand this weekend’s race process, I will attempt to explain it… In sum, everyone had three days of racing where every day (Friday to Sunday) there were two race runs for each class. In the case of the USA Team Trials event, everyday counted as a new race for the Americans, where it was best of two runs over a three day period that counted. On the other hand, the ICF Ranking Race was held Friday and Saturday only. On Friday, two race runs counted as qualifying runs (best of two runs to qualify for semi finals). Then on Saturday, the first race run counted as semi final, and second race run was the final. For those who weren’t registered for USA Trials (such as us Canadians and the Slovaks), Sunday was just an extra race for the sake of having extra racing experience and for the joy of paddling.  You can find an overview of this weekend’s results below. For full results, click here.

Photos taken by “Extreme” Prestige Worldwide Photography.

Sunday afternoon, we left directly after the race and drove back to Canada in order to start preparing for Canadian Team Trials here in Minden ON. Since Monday we’ve been training on the Gull River trying to get as much quality time on this course before the competition starts this Saturday morning.

Wish me luck this weekend as I will be attempting to keep my place on Team Canada.

Fingers and toes are crossed!

Results for the 2013 Pre Worlds Test Event:

Men’s Single Canoe (C1M):

1. Michal Martikan (SVK)

2. Fabien Lefevre (USA)

3. Cameron Smedley (CAN)

Men’s Kayak (K1M) :

1. Michal Smolen (USA)

2. Ben Hayward (CAN)

3. Scott Mann (USA)

Women’s Kayak (K1W) :

1. Ashley Nee (USA)

2. Thea Froehlich (CAN)

3. Jessica Groenveld (CAN)

Women’s Canoe (C1W) :

1. Micki Reeves (USA)

2. Haley Daniels (CAN)

3. Alexandra McGee (CAN)

Men’s Double Canoe (C2M):

1. Hochschorner/ Hochschorner (SVK)

2. Eichfeld/Devin McEwan (USA)

3. Michael Rudnitsky/Elliot Bertrand (USA)

Results for the Team USA World Cup Team:

Men’s Single Canoe (C1M):

1. Casey Eichfeld (Drums, Pa.)

2. Fabien Lefevre (Bethesda, Md.)

3. Zach Lokken (Durango, Colo.)

Men’s Kayak (K1M) :

1. Fabien Lefevre (Bethesda, Md.)

2. Michal Smolen (Gastonia, N.C.)

3. Richard Powell (Parkesburg, Penn.)

Women’s Kayak (K1W) :

1. Dana Mann (Bethesda, Md.)

2. Ashley Nee (Bethesda, Md.)

3. –

Women’s Canoe (C1W) :

1. Colleen Hickey (Okawville, Ill.)

2. Micki Reeves (Denver, Colo.)

3. Catherine Vuksich

Men’s Double Canoe (C2M):

1. Eichfeld/Devin McEwan (Salisbury, Conn.)

2. Michael Rudnitsky/Elliot Bertrand

For a full recap of USA Team Trials in detail click here.


6 thoughts on “RECAP: Racing at 2013 Pre Worlds Test Event and USA Team Trials

  1. Anne McGee says:

    Just wanted to tell you I liked this….I think your updates are good…the shots are good too, the camera loves you! Nice way to keep in touch. Good luck this weekend. No matter what conditions you get, remember, they are always the perfect ones for you and you’re always up to the challenge no matter what!


    Date: Wed, 22 May 2013 12:58:55 +0000 To:

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