McGee secures her spot on the 2013 Canadian National Team.

After a long weekend of racing I’m relieved and proud to say I’ve once again earned my spot on the 2013 Canadian Senior National Team! With the water levels at a record high, racing on the Gull River was no walk in the park. The sudden water changes definitely tested our skills to adapt to sudden changes, as well as our whitewater skills on big fast water. It was a hard and stressful weekend of racing but I’m happy to say I pulled through. In my case, I definitely didn’t play it safe and qualified in the last moments of selections, in the very last race. I definitely put people on edge, including myself. As much fun as it was to paddle high water, I’m glad it’s done and I’ve validated my place.

Since Monday May 20th, slalom paddlers across Canada have been training on the Gull River in Minden ON for this past weekend’s (May 26-27) Canadian National Team Trials. All week, athletes had to adapt to the constant change in water levels. Originally, Team Trials were planned to be held at 20 CMS and were regulated at this water level Monday till Wednesday. However, continuous heavy rainfalls all week caused another city flood alert in Minden and required a full water release of the dam. The two last days of training, Thursday and Friday, we had to quickly familiarize ourselves with the water change and become accustomed to the new course before race weekend. Just to give you an idea of how high water levels were, the average water level for national races held here at the Gull River are held at ̴20 CMS and international ranking races are held at ̴30 CMS such as the World Cup Slalom tour in both 1991 and 1993. Our Canadian National Team Trials were held at a whopping 40 CMS this weekend! Never a dull moment! For full results of the national team, click here. Congratulations to all the athletes who competed this weekend!

Thank you for all encouraging messages before 2013 Canadian Team Trials.

Since making 2013 Senior National Team I’ve decided to focus on four major important races this year:

This will definitely be a costly summer of racing! Any help and contribution to help get me to these races will be greatly appreciated and I’ll be so ever grateful!

I’m now back in Ottawa taking a couple of days of well deserved rest to start planning this season’s training and racing season.
Cannot wait for the upcoming competitions! I’m extremely excited & I’ll definitely give more updates throughout my summer adventure.


3 thoughts on “McGee secures her spot on the 2013 Canadian National Team.

  1. Mike Dziak says:

    I was at Minden in May and got some great photos of you. If you give me your e-mail address I’ll send them to you.
    Mike Dziak
    NPPA member

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