Escaping to Medellin, Colombia

After coming home from my exchange, I felt a bit lonely… My team mates and friends had left for training in Penrith, Australia and New Zealand.  Although I decided to live the normal student life, I felt as though something was missing. I knew going to Australia or NZ was out of the question since it was an extremely expensive trip but I had this urge to up and go again.

After class, I was catching up with my friends, and had reconnected with a good friend (Dan Dunn) that I had worked with in the past at Esprit Rafting.  Dan goes to Colombia every winter to explore the Colombian natural wonders and had managed to kick off a great company with his good friend Jules Domine: Expedition Colombia.  Based in the beautiful mountains of Medellin, this company offers the great opportunity to be a part of a custom-made adventure guided by professional kayakers who will show you the true magnificence that Colombia has to offer.  They have done a fantastic job in running many first kayak descents here opening these playgrounds to other kayakers!

He told me I should definitely come down and check it out, and as much as this was tempting I knew I couldn’t afford going anywhere.  Sure enough, I had forgotten about my Christmas money that I had carefully stored over the years and it was just enough for one cheap plane ticket to South America!  Pretty soon, it was validated… During reading week (winter school vacation), I was going to Colombia for 10 days.  During these unforgettable 10 days, I was able to experience the beautiful culture and people here.  I finally had the opportunity to see this truly breathtaking country that I heard so much about in books and shows.

During my time there, Expedition Colombia was hosting the first annual Samana Festival which consists of a four day river trip on the Samana River filled with good company, wilderness, food, parties, and of course – paddling! We also had the great opportunity of travelling from Medellin to Antioquia in a traditional bus called the Chiva.  This was a real cool authentic experience.  We got to drive through breath taking scenery not missing a view in this great big party bus.  Although I only got to paddle once in kayak since the river ended up in flood, I can truly say that it was great fun!

We ended the trip with a great expedition by motorcycles in Cocorna, Colombia.  Here I got to experience my first paragliding experience with Parapente Cocorna.  I was in awe of how fun and beautiful the city was from above.  If you are thinking of coming to Colombia, I truly recommend hitting up these two great outdoors companies.  They will make your experience here TRULY unforgettable.


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