The reason I did not compete at the 2015 U23 Worlds in Brazil & The coming of 2015 Canadian National Team Selections in Minden, Ontario

Coming May, 2015 U23 World Championships in Brazil were quickly approaching… This year would have been my last Under 23 World Championships.  I was faced with a challenging decision of either rejecting my spot or going to Worlds in Brazil with little training.  In the end, I decided that I shouldn’t do it.  The Worlds were during many of my exams, I was short of training therefore I knew I was not likely to paddle up to my best potential and I was once again short of money.  I told myself, I will only do two competitions this year and they’ll only be national ranking ones: team trials and national championships.  I chose these ones because they were my cheapest option that would give me a taste of slalom again, plus it so happened that these competitions were mandatory to fulfill my requirements as a Quest for Gold funding recipient.

Canadian national team trials 2015

Canadian national team trials 2015

In May 2014, I arrived at National Team Trials with a huge mix of emotions. I was a bit scared since I hadn’t really been in my boat all winter and Minden is a very fast demanding course. These team trials were particularly different because it was also the TO2015 Pan American Games selections.  The first boat in every category had the chance to compete in the Pan Am Games (which are kind of like a mini Olympics for the Americas).   Considering the circumstances, I was also very excited… it was nice being in a boat and paddling in somewhat “warm” weather! I hadn’t been paddling all winter and I guess I had a bit of slalom withdrawal. Despite not being the Pan American boat, I surprised myself by still making team and pulling through some half descent runs considering I hadn’t been training hard in my boat since 2014 Deep Creek Worlds.  I ended up making Canadian National Team once again and felt quite happy and excited.  Although I didn’t plan on competing at any international competitions, I was happy to make requirements and this gave me the ability to make my own personal choice of participating internationally this year or not.  My decision to compete would depend on my commitment to re-enter competing seriously in the sport and if I could work enough at my part-time job to save up enough money when I was not training and coaching.


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