Thank you for your support throughout my training and competitions!

As a high performance athlete on the international stage in a new, highly competitive, and developing sport, I can provide you with a unique marketing opportunity.   The real estate on my equipment and my gear, along with my person can provide any avant-garde company with primo advertising space.   As I travel, train, and compete throughout Europe to the various World Cups and in North America to the World Championships I would essentially become a living, walking, floating billboard, if you will, for your company.   In exchange, your company would be providing me with an invaluable source of funding.   As you know, the purchase of valuable advertising space, would be a fully tax-deductible business expense.

I look forward to partnering with a company wishing to get exposure here and abroad via the exciting medium of high performance sport, and sharing my journey with them.  I promise you that as my growth, success, and exposure increases, so will yours!

Full sponsorship package available upon request 🙂

I want to thank many supporters who have helped me along the way. I couldn’t have became the paddler I am now without you’re help.

Quest for Gold OnTario

Zubin Kothawala

Eric O’Connor

WEndy Gilmour

Anne McGee

Brian Darmanie

Jean Darmanie

Francine Toupin

Also a big thanks these companies who’ve helped Team Canada drive to our destinations, look good on our competition circuit, and keep us conntected all over North America over the years!

Team Canada - Partners

Mazda – who’ve lent us team cars for training and competitions.

Bell – who’ve supported us with team phone plans.

Apogee, Arcteryx & Level 6 – who’ve given us our uniforms over the years.



If you are interested in helping a dedicated athlete please contact me here 🙂


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